Sustainment Treasury

The Sustainment Treasury was designed to supercharge the utility of $CASH and the price of $SATIN all in one go.
The treasury is invested in safe, battle tested, blue chip investments, unrelated to Satin DEX or the $CASH token.
20% of the yield from these investments will autocompound back into the treasury. In addition, 5% of all $CASH rebases from $CASH in LPs will feed this treasury. This should keep the treasury growing at a steady clip, in addition to the natural growth of blue chip assets over the long term.
The other 80% of Sustainment Treasury yields will be used to buy Satin and $CASH off the market, pair it and add to the Satin/$CASH LP. Not locking into veSatin to avoid stealing rewards from other holders, and not opting into $CASH rebases so that all protocol-owned $CASH is farming for everyone else.
This has powerful benefits:
  • Removes Satin from the open market, creating even greater scarcity on a governance token that already has a max supply
  • Creates a sort of protocol-owned “liquidity factory,” which allows Stabl Labs to continue deepening liquidity alongside all of its faithful veSatin holders without diluting their rewards
  • Increasing the yields and capital reserves of all $CASH holders, as more and more capital is farming for the same $CASH in circulation (this is in addition to all the other mechanisms that increase $CASH’s capital reserves & relative yields).