As a commitment towards the safety of our users and partners, we want to be transparent about the changes and the status of the security audits of our smart contracts.

Satin Exchange was adapted from Solidly, which codebase was open sourced in full by Andre Cronje and his team in March 2022. Since its release in February on Fantom network, no security incidents related to Solidly smart contracts were reported.

Solidly went through a partial (only the AMM part was sent for audit) security audit in January 30, 2022. The audit was done by PeckShield and did reveal 5 low-severity and 1 informal findings.

The full audit is available for download from Solidly git repository.

Velodrome Finance also went through a security audit and a peer review as part of the Code4rena bug bouncy contest. Finally, a full MythX deep scan on Velodrome contracts found just a handful of false-positive, low-severity issues reported.

Lastly, Velodrome also also engaged with Coelacanth (@ImpossibleNFT) for an informal full audit. Reports from that audit are available here.

Audit of Satin Exchange, completed by TrustInDistrust audit can be found HERE

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