💰Stabl.fi & $CASH

$CASH is a 100% collateralized stable indexcoin that is pegged to an approved basket of stable assets. These assets are $USDC, $USDT, $DAI and are deposited into battle tested & audited strategies on chain. Providing a flow of stable yield.

The goal of this indexcoin is to allow investors to gain exposure to dynamic yielding opportunities of the supported collaterals on-chain without having to personally manage the underlying assets. This function occurs via ~24 hour rebase, distributing real yield to token/LP holders.

  • $CASH is the main utility token of Satin.exchange

  • SATIN is the emissions token of Satin.exchange

  • veSATIN (Locked SATIN-CASH LP) is the governance token of Satin.exchange

Benefits of pairing with $CASH

  • Boosted APR due to the CASH rebase mechanism

  • Reduced trading fees which will result in higher volume for the pairs

For voters: Voters will receive x percent of the CASH rebase for the pairs that they vote for. This means that if they vote for pairs that contain a large amount of CASH, they will receive some of the rebase for that pair during the week.

Protocol Benefits

Partner protocols earn more for their DAOs with Satin than any other exchange.

  • 25% of trading fees for their pair will go to their treasury

  • 15% of the CASH rebase for the pool will be directed to auto-bribe the pool, creating a self-sustaining pool.

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