In Satin Exchange, a liquidity provider's income comes exclusively from SATIN rewards. 80% of SATIN emissions are allocated to liquidity providers, which is then split up and distributed by the results of the periodic veSATIN gauge voting.
The calculation of the APR's range is determined by taking the price of the SATIN token and the votes received by the liquidity pool. In the example below, the WMATIC-CASH pair has an APR range of 12% ~ 30%, showing the minimum and maximum APR the user can receive.
On the Vote page, Current APR shows the APR the vault is generating in the current epoch, while Expected APR shows a prediction of what the APR will be in the next epoch based on the votes the gauge has received. Both Current and Expected show the max boosted APR.
Boosted $CASH rewards
Pools will also be earning CASH from the rebase of CASH in the LPs they hold. This is organic yield that is coming from the stables that are collateralizing CASH