Welcome to Satin Exchange

Empowering protocols, fueling liquidity
Satin Exchange, at its core, is a solution for protocols on Polygon to properly incentivize liquidity for their own use cases and earn protocol revenue in the process. We are a protocol built for protocols, providing access to low fee swaps, revenue share, auto-bribes and more. Satin uses an interest-bearing stablecoin, $CASH, as the base token in most pairs creating multiple unique opportunities & advantages for users.
Satin is a decentralized exchange and automated market marker that provides efficient token swaps and deep liquidity for stablecoins and other assets. It has a sophisticated governance structure that allows maximization of gains for all users of the ecosystem.
Satin takes cues from the original Solidly as well as the visions of its forked successors where all users can create a virtuous cycle through cooperation. By locking their $SATIN-$CASH LP tokens, users receive veSATIN which can be used to vote for Satin liquidity pools to boost $SATIN token emissions. In return for voting for a pool, veSATIN holders receive the fees that the liquidity pools generate + a portion of its $CASH rebase.
Some improvements to Solidly present in Satin:
  • Integration of a yield-bearing stable into LPs and veNFT (stablecoin yields in addition to traditional revenue). veSatin is an LP token rather than single locked token for deepest liquidity and additional revenue streams ($CASH rebases/LP emissions)
  • Claimable $CASH rebases in veSATIN (Take your stable yields while still locked)
  • Claimable $CASH rebases in $CASH LP pairs (Take profits in stables in your favorite pairs)
  • Trading with $CASH has 50% discounted trading fees
  • Low fees Stable 0.01% / Volatile 0.2%
  • 4pool ($USDC/$USDT/$DAI/$CASH) for deeper stable liquidity
  • Autobribes built in the $CASH pairs
  • veSatin has a variable lock period 1day-365days
  • $SATIN has a max supply
  • $SATIN is only veToken with treasury established to do nothing but buyback $SATIN/$CASH - tokens taken off market, deeper liquidity, higher cash yields for holders
  • $SATIN has a 2% decay
  • Unique frontend/ UI
Building on top of the groundwork laid out by Solidly, Thena, Velodrome, etc -out team has made the addition of certain unique elements, we been able to successfully design a totally unique mechanisms that adds to the utility of $CASH. Throughout the protocol, users will find that there are many benefits of $CASH that interoperate with the original Solidly architecture.