$CASH Tokenomics

$CASH differentiates itself from other yield-bearing stablecoins by increasing capital efficiency of the underlying farming contracts in relation to the amount of $CASH currently in circulation. It achieves this through several mechanisms:

  • 0.25% Mint and 0.25% Redemption fee.

  • While 100% of $CASH holders’ initial capital is farming for them, they have received slightly less $CASH in return. This means that as users redeem $CASH for the underlying stables, a total of 0.5% of their investment goes as fees. This entitles the $CASH holders who remain to reap the benefits of that leftover farming capital. But the increased capital efficiency which your $CASH tokens can farm makes up for the minting and redeeming fees.

  • 5% of daily farming rewards are retained and auto compounded into the investment contracts (as opposed to being distributed to $CASH wallets)

  • 10% of all Satin DEX trading fees are sold for stables and deposited into the farming strategies.

Through these mechanisms, capital efficiency (and overcollateralization) will increase perpetually according to an ever-increasing Capital Efficiency Index.

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