$CASH for Voters

Voters are not reliant only on trading fees; voters earn part of the rebase for the $CASH in the pools they vote for.

25% of the $CASH rebase in a pool will be used to auto-bribe voters for that pair.

The introduction of these auto-bribes creates self-incentivizing, and therefore self-sustaining pairs. As the amount of $CASH in the pool increases, the auto-bribes grow, therefore incentivizing voters to vote more for the pool.

The benefits of the Solidly incentive mechanisms are that voters are encouraged to vote for the pairs that are most beneficial to the protocol. This is achieved through only awarding voters the fees and other rewards for the pairs that they vote for. This should drive emissions to the pairs that create the most fees for Satin Exchange.

Overall, this creates an ecosystem that aligns the desires of the users, protocols, and Satin Exchange.

Thanks to $CASH integration, we have been able to take some of the best bits of current DEXs and created tokenomics that go above and beyond what most other DEXs are capable of.

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