$CASH in Liquidity Pools

$CASH in Liquidity Pools

Rebase distribution for $CASH paired in a Satin is different from the distribution for $CASH held in wallets individually. The rebase distribution is as follows:

  • 65% to liquidity providers as claimable rewards

  • 25% as autobribes collected by veSatin holders who vote for that pair

  • 5% to $CASH Investment Treasury

  • 5% to Sustainment Treasury

While liquidity providers earn less in terms of $CASH rebases than they would have if their $CASH was simply held in a wallet, history shows that $1 of bribes regularly attracts more than $1 of emissions from voters, so autobribes ultimately benefit liquidity providers more than the rebase itself (while also rewarding voters at the same time!).

The $CASH Investment Treasury is where all collateral is stored and farms for $CASH holders’ yields, paid to them in the form of their daily rebase. The more capital that is farming for the same amount of $CASH tokens, the higher the yield is for those $CASH tokens. If people redeem $CASH for the underlying collateral, then the extra collateral is still farming for the remaining $CASH holders. This will push $CASH’s yields perpetually higher. So a little is contributed by all $CASH holders and LPs to ultimately reap greater long-term benefits.

The Sustainment Treasury exists to increase the value and earning potential of both $CASH and $SATIN. This is described in greater detail later.

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