• Weekly emissions on week 1: 300,000,000 $SATIN
  • Weekly emissions decay: 2%
A fixed token supply is something we are proud of at Satin exchange. We want to make sure that has a focus on sustainability and innovation to help to continue to bring value to users and not rely on new emissions rolling out.
With a fixed supply there are some challenges. Most Solidly like DEXes don’t have a fixed supply, they start with an emissions amount for the first week, and week over week have a 1% decay.
Although a 2% decay is faster than what is commonly seen in Solidly-style DEXes, we are also front-loading emissions at the start to help kick start the flywheel. Where many dexes don’t make money directly off of TVL, Satin is different. Since many of the pairs on will be made with $CASH, the yield from $CASH rebases still flows into the system, benefiting both LPers and voters.
The logic is that APRs will be high, which will bring in TVL (especially $CASH TVL). As $CASH TVL grows there are more autobribes available for veSATIN holders, therefore locking veSatin will be highly incentivized. Because of this influx of activity to the DEX, the $Satin/$CASH liquidity should be incredibly deep, and the Sustainment Treasury should be kick-started with $CASH rebases.